How can I contact ZED LEATHER WEAR CO if I have any more questions?

Simply contact our Customer Care Department, seven days a week, by sending us an e-mail to

What is our Quality Policy?

At ZED LEATHER WEAR CO we make sure that every part matches its rare combination of the product.
We believe in philosophy that customers comes first giving utmost attention to our products we ensure that they reflect the quality of service our customers expect from us.

How is the quality of our leather and how do we get it?

Some of our products are made with Cow/Buffalo-hides and some with Sheep/Lamb skins.
We purchase fine grade hides and transform them into beautiful leather apparel and accessories.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We use Priority services and usually an order takes no more than 7-10 business days to reach your door step.
However natural disasters or unavoidable circumstances may delay the order of which you would be instantly intimated.
Similarly an item readily available in PAKISTAN warehouses may expedite the shipping process.

Do you ship orders worldwide?

Yes we ship our products worldwide through reliable courier & postal services like DHL, FedEx, etc on very competitive rates. Give you the tracking number within 3 business days,

Where can I look for information on the order I placed?

Your Order Confirmation email contains the detail price of each item, shipping charges and your order number.
If you register an account with us you can also enjoy your own personalized user area where you could manage your orders, subscribe to newsletter and also avail the periodic discounted offer exclusive to our members

Can I make a change after I have placed my order?

Once order is submitted, changes can be made within 48 hours

How can I pay for my order with

for the convince of customers we get soon PayPal services, we received payment by TT or LC

How does ZED LEATHER WEAR CO pricing work?

To make it easy for buyers, we have color coded the prices, if there are any discounts available on the product, the original price along with discounted price will be visible of which discounted price will be applicable